Millennium Coppice 2000


On 12th February 2000 there was a maginificent turnout of members to complete the planting of the Hazel Coppice. Some preparation work had been carried out in advance to ensure completion of the planting on the day. Some 44 trees were planted after the initial work was completed and tree protectors, stakes and plastic mats installed. Wood chip supplied by Patrick Stileman was tipped over the mats as a mulch.


The Town Council were represented with the Mayor John Brookes carrying out a ceremonial planting with the Beadle Peter Wheeler (a tenant on Sunnyside Old) in attendance. The Gazette sent along a photographer to record the occasion and a report with a colour picture appeared in the paper.


This was useful publicity for the Society and demonstrates once again our ability to manage and complete a project in a competent manner. However, we need to continue to deomonstrate our ability to successfully maintain the coppice through to production of pea sticks and bean poles in future years. Volunteers will be needed to keep the grass down, water in dry spells and replnish the wood chip from time to time.


Our thanks go to all who took part in the successful day and particularly to Patrick for his valuable expertise and guidance.

Water Conservation

A reminder that all sheds, constructions and greenhouses should be fitted with guttering to collect rainwater.

You can read more about water conservation on our website.

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