Water Conservation


From the NSALG:


“Water is a vital ingredient for all plot-holders growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers but it is a precious resource and can be a significant cost for allotment authorities. On sites with a mains water supply it should be used in a sensible and considerate manner by all. Where possible every gardener should have water butts to harvest any rain that does fall. This is vital when the plot has a greenhouse or polytunnel as this increases watering requirements significantly. ”


Water Use on Allotments (NSALG)


Climate Predictions for Allotments (NSALG)


Introduction to Drought, Climate Change and Growing (NSALG)


Growing Drought Resistant Crops on Allotments (NSALG)


Introduction to Sustainable Water Collection and Use on Allotments (NSALG)


Advanced Sustainable Water Collection and Irrigation on Allotments (NSALG)


Ground Level Rainwater Collection on Allotments (NSALG)



Water Conservation

A reminder that all sheds, constructions and greenhouses should be fitted with guttering to collect rainwater.

You can read more about water conservation on our website.

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