Remembering Ted


Sadly Ted Dyer died on 19th January 2016 and on 24th March two services were held in his memory, respectively a cremation service at Garston and a thanksgiving service at Sunnyside Church.


He was well known to most Sunnyside allotment tenants, he was the founder of the allotment society, its chairman for many years, former allotment rep and epitome of Sunnyside Allotments.


As a reminder for those who were at the services and to allow those who could not be there to read the sentiments expressed we have put this page together for you to look at.


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Patience Overture – Sir Arthur Sullivan


What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong


I’ve got a Thing about Trains – Johnny Cash


Yeoman of the Guard Overture – Sir Arthur Sullivan


The Night Mail – W H Auden & Sir Benjamin Britten


The Flying Scotsman – John Bone


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Congratulations! A spot-on eulogy, well delivered. The service overall was outstanding in its sincerity and humanity in celebrating the life of a remarkable man who had had an impact on so many.


On behalf of the Travel Club Members, of which Ted was one, can we thank you for everything that was done to make the occasion, although sad, a day that all present will never forget! There were many highlights but especially the presence of Ted’s old Steam Traction Engine. To see that when passing by on the train made us all say “that cannot be a coincidence”, it being there. I swear though that had the Allotment cat wandered into the church after the service had finished, I would have burst out in tears!


From all of Ted’s railway friends a very big thank you to all those allotment holders whose magnificent efforts on the day of Ted’s funeral services made it so memorable right through from the superb Order of services to the large slices of cake, it could not have been done better.


What a wonderful job you made of Ted’s memorial service. I have attended many and not one was as thoughtful and personal. You even managed to have a train pass through while we had our minute of reflection. I hope Ted knew just how much he was cared for.


Ted OoS crematorium Ted OoS
Crematorium Order of Service Sunnyside Order of Service

Video from Andy Dolwin


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You can see more pictures of Ted here.