Untidy Gardens


Eviction of Tenants


The allotment reps inspect allotments four times a year. They are sympathetic to problems. A list of those needing warning letters is handed to the council.


No one likes being inspected. Previously, when plots were comparatively hard to let, the council had a relaxed attitude to under cultivated gardens but now we have to tighten up. We do not want the plots to be highly manicured but they cannot be allowed to go back to ‘rough’, paths must be cared for and weeds must not be allowed to seed all over neighbouring gardens.


The Allotment and Leisure Gardens Act says you can have an orchard, but the trees must be cultivated in clear earth or a lawn. You can even have a fruit tree in a lawn with a bench and a bed of salad.


If you are finding it difficult to cultivate the whole of your plot you can reduce your holding. Please talk to the council about it or John Eaton on our committee. Until now some tenants who have started the year enthusiastically and then find the pressures of work too much have had a council letter but then have managed to tidy up sufficiently to avoid eviction and can carry on without worry. This will not continue in future. If the same happens the next year, the next letter will be cumulative.


Members of the Berkhamsted Town Council’s Allotment Management team have agreed on the process to be followed when tenants who repeatedly default on terms of their agreement are evicted.


We are reminding tenants that the procedure is as follows:


Letter 1. A warning; stating that the plot is not being kept in a “good state of cultivation and fertility” in accordance with the contract and must be brought up to a suitable standard within one month to avoid eviction.


Letter 2. A second warning after one month; stating that there has been failure to reach the required standard so far and if there is no improvement within one month, steps to eviction will take place.


Letter 3. Eviction letter after one month; stating eviction will take place in 30 days and all equipment must be removed.


Appeals procedure can be used


Remember if you have a problem contact the town council about it.


Remember the letters are cumulative from year to year.


Your allotment rep. will support you as far as possible, but cannot help if your garden is considered untidy and not had due care.

Water Conservation

A reminder that all sheds, constructions and greenhouses should be fitted with guttering to collect rainwater.

You can read more about water conservation on our website.

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