Council’s Letting Policy


as at 07/01/09


Allocation of allotment plots


    1. Tenants will not be allowed to keep their allotment plot(s) if they move out of the parish (defined as being any place up to one-mile beyond the parish boundaries).
      This rule will not be applied retrospectively. Depending upon the personal circumstances of the tenant an Allotment Representative can give them up to, but no longer than, six months to vacate their plot.
    2. Existing tenants who want another plot will be allowed on the allotment waiting list.
    3. Allotment plots are allocated in strict date order according to the date upon which the person first applied to be placed on the list. Any person on the list who refuses the first plot that becomes available will be left on the list retaining their original application date solely at the discretion of the Allotment Representative who will consider if they have given a reasonable reason for turning down such an offer.
    4. Tenants will be permitted to rent up to a maximum of forty poles at the discretion of the Allotment Representative in accordance with Town Council policy.

Tenancy agreement issues


    1. A tenant who has a hose licence must pay water rent on the entire area of land held by them.
    2. Sheds/greenhouses will be permitted upon application to and approval by the Site Representative. In all cases the building must comply with the approved specification i.e.:
      • Tenants must provide suitable guttering and a water butt to catch rainwater falling on the structure in question;
      • No permanent foundations/foundations slabs of any kind are permitted;
      • The maximum overall size of the building allowed is:

      2.440 m (eight foot) Long
      1.830 m (six foot) Wide
      2. 35 m (seven foot) High

    3. On plots of five poles or less either a shed or a greenhouse will be considered, but not both and the maximum size should be reduced to:

1.830 m (six foot) Long
1.220 m (four foot) Wide
2.135 m (seven foot) High


Division of allotment land


  1. It will be at the discretion of the Allotment Site Representative how many full sized plots will be retained on their site (as opposed to being subdivided into smaller plots) subject to a reasonable number of full size plots being retained.

Water Conservation

A reminder that all sheds, constructions and greenhouses should be fitted with guttering to collect rainwater.

You can read more about water conservation on our website.

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