The Allotments

There are two Sunnyside sites, Old and New spanning either side of Ivy House Lane. On Old there are over 130 plots, nearly all of which are tenanted. On New there were originally 120 plots, although some of these now form Birtchnell’s Copse. There are also other exciting projects happening on New.

Allotment gardening on the lovely south facing Sunnyside slopes is a real stress-buster. After commuting to London or a day sitting in front of a computer screen it’s very therapeutic to head for your allotment to do a bit of strenuous digging to get rid of your frustrations or just some gentle hoeing to help you unwind. DSCF0023You can benefit from fresh air and exercise in peaceful surroundings with a friendly group of people or in the evenings enjoy the birdsong and a degree of isolation from the bustle of modern life. An early start suits some folk, others can be found gardening up to 10 pm in the Summer – whatever the time or season, Sunnyside seems to have a particular charm.

You could produce genuinely pesticide-free fruit or veg for your family if that’s your wish; indeed allotment gardening can be an activity for the whole family to enjoy together. Grow some specialist produce that you particularly like or cannot find in the shops – potatoes that taste like potatoes should! Discover what produce that is really fresh tastes like – cook food just hours from picking it yourself. Pick your own Brussels sprouts on Christmas day morning and make preserves or delicious desserts from copious quantities of the best tasting soft fruit imaginable! Why not plant an orchard, cultivate flowers to pick or make a herb garden? Maybe create a wildlife garden and help encourage biodiversity. The possibilities are endless; the choice is yours. Daunted at the prospect? Talk to allotment gardeners; there’s no shortage of free advice – our tenants are from all walks of life. Why not start with half a plot? Or share a plot with friends and halve the work.

If you feel tempted to have a go yourself contact Berkhamsted Town Council on 01442 228945 to get yourself put on the waiting list.

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