Working Party January 2013


After such bad weather and before the snow, we were very lucky to have a reasonably mild, still day for the Working party. We had a good lunch with homemade parsnip soup, and the sun even came out in the afternoon.


A group of eight of us cleared the brambles and weeds in the Jubilee Hazel Coppice on Sunnyside New where the first half of hazels had been cut last winter. We had a good fire which took care of all the arisings and somewhere under the snow is a heap of ash which can be used on your onion bed or fruit bushes. There is also a pile of hazel wood on the corner of the middle roadway which is available for fires or woodburners.


John and Geoff continued the work at the Grantham Mews gate on Sunnyside Old to re-lay stones in the gateway to help drainage and to prevent such a muddy access point into the allotments. Thanks to our Grantham Mews neighbours for the stones.


Jenny and Clive continued work to reinstate the pathway which runs between the top of A road plots and the bottom of B road gardens. This is an ongoing project and tenants whose plots will be affected have been contacted and asked to clear the areas so that the path work can be done. Early spring is the ideal time, weather permitting, to do work on paths so it would be helpful if the preliminary clearing could be done as soon as possible.

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