Working Parties 2015-2016

At the last working party for the season in March we cleared up the debris from previous tasks ā€“ buried the soil left over from the toilet renovation and had a couple of good low smoke bonfires. We also did some habitat pile construction in the wild-life area.


Many thanks to all of you who turned out at one time or another during the year, either on the working days or doing preparations beforehand.  And special thanks to the souper (!) lunch teams.


Make a note of the first working day of next season ā€“ Sunday, 2nd October. Tidying up leaf and woodchip bins will probably be on the agenda. And on Sunday, 6th November we will be working in Birtchnellā€™s Copse (at the top of SSN) with Andrew Calderwood.


Meanwhile, if you spot a job which you think is a candidate for communal labour then please let us or a committee member know about it.

Neil & Tricia Kennedy, C23 & B33B



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