Open Day 2008


Sunnyside Allotments are not just for tenants. On our annual Open Day we meet family members and other groups of people like Sarah’s artists who come and enjoy Sunnyside throughout the year.It rained all the week before. Wet helpers stood under umbrellas scrubbing the plastic chairs and tables. Wet people trundled complaining mowers up and down the paths so that visitors could follow the signposted routes to the tea hut and the art exhibition and the “more gardens this way”. Wet tenants strimmed and weeded until the whole of Sunnyside looked its best.


The conversation at the tea hut was whether it would be better to have sunny periods with heavy showers or general cloudiness without rain. And, of course, what would we do with the cakes if it poured all day and only our faithfuls came? Not that our opinion counted at all. The weather did what it wanted… …and it wanted to be nice. We had a day with enough sunshine and no rain. Brilliant!


Open Day is when Sunnyside shows itself at its cheerful, friendly, productive best. It is when visitors ask about the waiting list and think that this place is an asset to the town. We give pleasure to people and build up support if we ever need it Huge thanks are due to the people who worked so hard helping with the preparations, the raffle (which made nearly £100 for the Hospice), the produce, the cakes and refreshments and to Sarah Moruzzi and her students who put on an art exhibition showing us the allotment through fresh eyes. Sarah has kindly donated one of her own watercolours for us to use as we see fit as a thank you for our hospitality over the year. It was all worth it. Thank you all for helping and thank you for coming.

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