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Sunnyside Allotment Society was formed in 1997 to promote the interests of tenants both by self help and encouraging the town council to improve the sites. Membership of the Society is automatic for plot holders, the subscription and participation being discretionary. All receive the newsletter.

The Society aims to:

  • foster a spirit of help and co-operation;
  • encourage new allotment gardeners, maintain the allotment environs in good order;
  • preserve the magnificent Sunnyside slopes for allotment gardening into the future;
  • and organise social events from time to time.

Over the years we have obtained additional water tanks, planted two hazel coppices and improved the general appearance of the site by arranging the annual collection of rubbish and by clearing some long neglected gardens. We issue a newsletter about once a quarter and it can also be downloaded from this site.

We are affiliated to the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG) which brings several benefits; insurance, magazine, discounted seeds scheme and their national campaign to protect local allotments from appropriation and development – helping to maintain essential green spaces in and around towns (in addition to the two hazel coppices we have plans to create a large wildflower meadow in co-operation with the town council).




Dates for your Diary

Open Day

Sun 9th August 2020


Working Parties

Sun 11th October 2020

Sun 8th November 2020


Sun 10th January 2021


Sun 7th February 2021

Sun 14th March 2021


Christmas Drinks

Sun 21st December 2020




16th January 2021

(will be held via email)






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